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The Internet is by far the most important marketing medium of today. Having a functional website and online marketing can truly be the key to success. This page highlights some of the ways the Internet can be used to increase exposure and revenue while simultaneously decreasing marketing costs over time. JCE SEO offers effective SEO services.

JCE SEO offers online marketing services including:

1) Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO for businesses of all sizes is one of the most cost-effective and functional marketing mediums. SEO focuses on strategically placing a website at the top of search engines in an organic or “natural” fashion. This means the website appears in the search results, not the paid ads (e.g. Google AdWords). Since most search engine users visit websites on the first page of search engine results, placing a website in positions 1-10 will greatly increase traffic and, ultimately, revenue.

2) Creative, Catchy, Functional Website Design

Designing and implementing a functional website, one that will attract and retain customers, is quite important. Menus, photo galleries, products and services, contact info, and the other good stuff should be easily accessible. Remember, your website is what spearheads your marketing efforts.

3) Local Search Engine Marketing

Utilizing local search engine marketing is another key aspect of restaurant marketing. Listing a restaurant on Google Maps, Bing Maps and other local directories will help attract local visitors; ones that will potentially become regular patrons.

4) Social Networking & Social Marketing

Social websites are an excellent way to attract business. Medias like Twitter and Facebook are good for building a following, and other sites like are perfect for getting people in the door. In a sense, having a “meet up group” attend your business establishment is like holding a group buy on products, or selling a large quantity of products at one time. Plus, such meets often result in viral videos, photos, blog posts, etc.

These are only a few of the key services we can provide for you to have a successful online campaign. For more info contact us at [email protected] or (210) 570-8874.

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We provide SEO & website service to business in the greater San Antonio metropolitan area, Austin, Houston, Dallas, Rio Grande Valley, McAllen, Brownsville and through out Texas and the United States.

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