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In today’s market people no longer rely on phone-books, they will go to their computer, phone or tablet to search for business or service. Suppose your central air unit breaks down and you need to find someone ASAP, using a search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) you most likely will type central air repair, San Antonio.

For this particular search, you will see 1,990,000 search results, but search engines only list ten websites per page. Is it luck for the first ten results? Nope. The reason these sites rank well is that they are properly optimized. Each search engine has a list of criteria they feel is important to rank a website as relevant.

At JCE SEO we work with you to help your website to be relevant for the searches that are important to you. We stay on top of algorithm updates to make sure that your site stays current with inline trends and our top priority is never to jeopardize the integrity of your website.

If you fail to optimize your small business website, you may miss out on many potential customers who are looking to pay someone for just what you have to offer. That failure may be costing you money right now.

No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google.

Can the right prospects find your site when they are searching for your area of business? Do you need help getting your website found online?

Search engine optimization is a constant battle with the forever changing of algorithms and techniques. It is our job to keep up with the latest trends and optimize your site so that you are not left behind. I

t’s a no-brainer that you should rank high on Google, but Google is not the only search engine, and Google has its requirements that do not carry over to the other search engines.

Everyone in the SEO business thinks that they are an “expert” on the subject, and if you ask three different people about what to do, you will get three different answers.

We have consulted with many experts and have come up with a system that will keep your site secure in the rankings and make sure your site is optimized to handle any algorithm changes in the market. Your page titles will be named correctly, and your content will be supported with links.

JCE SEO provides service to business in the greater San Antonio metropolitan area, Austin, Houston, Dallas, Rio Grande Valley, McAllen, Brownsville, Texas and throughout the United States.

Get Your Business Found Online in San Antonio

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