Overnight, 57% of businesses lost their page 1 local rankings.

Google recently made a significant change to its business listings. Previously it displayed 7 businesses, but as of a few days ago it now only displays 3. Effective SEO is more important than ever, most businesses assumed since they had one of the 7 spots that SEO was not necessary. By doing so Google has guaranteed itself that more business owners will be forced to invest in pay per click campaigns. Do not fall victim, we can help you get organic results for your key area. JCE SEO focuses in successfully getting businesses organic search engine results for key areas of interest. Local Organic SEO is a key player in today’s market and the cost is very reasonable. Contact us today to learn more.

This new map pack update enforces the need for local businesses to have an SEO strategy that can pivot quickly. As map pack rankings become more competitive, so does local SEO, . This makes it more difficult for less knowledgeable SEOs and SEO companies to get in the top 3, whereas pretty much anyone could get in the 7 pack for any term, any location. Let us help you be pro-active vs re-active.

Google 3 Pack